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Voice Solutions for Business

Clear and reliable voice communications are essential for any business. We deploy straightforward, effective and secure voice solutions. These are based on Internet Protocol (IP), literally plugging into your business.

Our premium services make communication work for you by reducing your costs while increasing reliability and uptime. Our voice solutions are tailor-made to fit your size organisation and budget. When your business expands, our voice solutions will expand with it. We hold interconnect agreements with all the major telephone operators so that we can offer reduced call rates.


PBX Options

Hosted PBX

Get all the feature rich functionality without the clutter and pain of having an on-site PBX solution.You not only save on capital hardware costs, but automatically get the reliability of having your telephony system in the cloud.




Onsite PBX

It is scalable, cost-effective and packed full of features, so you can escape traditional telephone systems, and reap the benefits of smart telephony.






Cloud Based Contact Centre

Wouldn’t you love to offer your customers a service that delivers a broad range of high-end capabilities that are out of the box? Of course you do! Say hello to Ocular Technologies’ feature-rich cloud contact centre: O!Connect – the answer to the digital age of communication. Hassle-free, easy-to-deploy and in the cloud – in SA, by South Africans 

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